Blue Portal Halloween Fun 

Blue Portal is ready for your Halloween fun.

Ghosts at Blue Portal
Blue Portal pumpkin
Cute Halloween cat at Blue Portal
Blue Portal Halloween house

Blue Portal Artist Intake News…Artist Intake on October 2…closed until October 16

Blue Portal will be open for business due to the Balloon Fiesta, so normal 10-4 hours on October 9—there will be NO INTAKE. Regular artist intake resumes on October 16.

Items taken now will stay in the Blue Portal Shop Inventory until December 31. Maximum sales in this period due to Balloon Fiesta and the Old Town Stroll and other area activities.

Remember to ask at intake if you have any items that have been pulled from inventory for return to you.

Thanks to all our wonderful artisans!

Blue Portal Artist Intake September 11- Up Up and Away…Balloons

The fall weather brings the Balloon Fiesta. Artists are creating unique creations just for you at Blue Portal. Let’s look at some of this wonderful artwork!

Let’s start by looking at the hard working women who tag all the artists work.

Tagging Artists Work.
Hard Working Blue Portal volunteers tagging all the wonderful artists work this week.


Artist work at Blue Portal
Buy this lovely balloon quilt at Blue Portal
Gorgeous New Mexican Painting to buy at Blue Portal
Gorgeous New Mexican Painting for sale at Blue Portal
Handmade Ceramic New Mexican for sale at Blue Portal
Buy this one of a kind ceramic plate at Blue Portal

Blue Portal Volunteer Spotlight, Sally Ruscitti

Sally is a very treasured volunteer with the Assistance League. Volunteers look up to Sally as a valued member. She volunteers cheerfully and expertly at the Blue Portal. Her first introduction to Blue Portal was as a customer.  She is a native Albuquerquean and has always treasured Old Town with its’ eclectic shops and historic buildings.  Sally didn’t know what the totally unique history of Blue Portal was.  Once she retired and joined Assistance League, she went to Blue Portal to work the front desk – and was hooked.  Customers from around the world marveling at the talent and variety of artisan work housed within.  Further, the opportunity to share the stories of senior artists and their pride of workmanship is priceless.  Our clients are truly touched that the artists receive 100% of the price and that all of the staff are volunteers.  Each week on Monday’s we have artist intake from 10 to 1 and what fun that is.  We never know who is coming or what they are bringing.  The array is amazing and such a busy day.  Behind the scenes we are getting all of these items into a computerized inventory (an average weekly number of pieces is about 750 individual items); tagging each of the items so they are ready for display and finally moving the new inventory to one of our five rooms.  Almost all inventory is put out each week so Tuesdays finds our “regulars” coming in if at all possible.  To work with a philanthropic project that brings social outlets, creativity and purpose to artist and volunteer alike, is an honor.

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