Blue Portal Artist of the week, June 26, Dan McDonell

Dan creates unique and detailed wooden toys that have wheels. He makes wooden trucks, tractors, play furniture for dolls, American Doll furniture, and even play kitchens. 

Dan grew up while his family worked in a Santa Fe lumber business.  Dan previously worked as a cabinet maker. This experience makes sense that Dan transitioned into making children’s toys for Blue Portal. 

Dan has been selling his safe children’s toys for four years now at Blue Portal.  He thinks that the Assistance League of Albuquerque volunteers are very helpful and nice to work with. 

Blue Portal Artist of the Week Bunn Hearn, June 19

Bunn Hearn is an artist who makes a variety of beautifully designed wooden boxes (some boxes have hidden shelves), wine bottle holders, rocking horses and benches.

Bunn has been selling for approximately ten years. He has been doing wood working for 35 years and he is self taught. He says if you have an interest, you can just keep building your skills over time.

He says Blue Portal is a great outlet for the public to purchase handmade gifts and useful household items.

Blue Portal Artisan Information

On Monday’s, park near Old Town, not at Blue Portal, artists will line up at 10 am on Monday’s, not a holiday.¬† From 10 am until 1 pm, sign your name after any names before yours. Please bring only 3 or 4 items for sale. Please figure out how much you want to sell the item for. There will be many Assistance League volunteers to help you.

If you have not signed a contract with Blue Portal, you will need to sign one. You will be given a number that tracks any purchases, so you will receive 100% commission.

If you have not sold an item within 90 days, you will be asked to pick your item/items up.

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