Blue portal continues to surprise

A wonderful array of hand done artisans pieces continue to delight. Shopping never better.

New Mexican Raku

Wow…Blue Portal 2000+ Artist Intake Monday, September 25

Blue Portal is becoming ready for the Balloon Fiesta visitors, Old Town Stroll visitors, and upcoming holidays.  Yes, today we had an artist intake of over 2000 handcrafted products from our New Mexican senior citizens. Look at these new beauties ready for your purchase!

Blue Portal lights
Blue Portal lights

Blue Portal Artist Intake News…Artist Intake on October 2…closed until October 16

Blue Portal will be open for business due to the Balloon Fiesta, so normal 10-4 hours on October 9—there will be NO INTAKE. Regular artist intake resumes on October 16.

Items taken now will stay in the Blue Portal Shop Inventory until December 31. Maximum sales in this period due to Balloon Fiesta and the Old Town Stroll and other area activities.

Remember to ask at intake if you have any items that have been pulled from inventory for return to you.

Thanks to all our wonderful artisans!

Blue Portal Artist Intake September 11- Up Up and Away…Balloons

The fall weather brings the Balloon Fiesta. Artists are creating unique creations just for you at Blue Portal. Let’s look at some of this wonderful artwork!

Let’s start by looking at the hard working women who tag all the artists work.

Tagging Artists Work.
Hard Working Blue Portal volunteers tagging all the wonderful artists work this week.


Artist work at Blue Portal
Buy this lovely balloon quilt at Blue Portal
Gorgeous New Mexican Painting to buy at Blue Portal
Gorgeous New Mexican Painting for sale at Blue Portal
Handmade Ceramic New Mexican for sale at Blue Portal
Buy this one of a kind ceramic plate at Blue Portal

Blue Portal Artist of the Week August 25, Neil Marshall…Update Neil won 2 Firsts and Best of Show…Ol Bald Eagle Rocks!

Neil is called ‘Ol’ Bald Eagle and was born and raised on a farm in Ohio, just north of Cincinnati.  He signed a professional baseball contract right out of high school with the old Washington Senators.

Neil (‘Ol’ Bald Eagle) won best of show and 2 firsts at the New Mexico State Fair in 2017! Way to go Neil.

Neil became interested in pottery in 1976. His wife’s parents owned the Tinaja Bar and Trading Post in El Morro. NM. He became friends with Navajo and Zuni Native Americans and his pottery journey began.  He eventually became good friends with an Acoma potter who mentored Neil.

Neil is now a very accomplished Potter who creates unique pottery that he paints expertly.

Neil sells his pottery at the Blue Portal. He has won State Fair ribbons. He loves the volunteer dedication that Assistance League Blue Portal people possess to help New Mexican artists.

Come to the Blue Portal and see Ol Bald Eagles pottery for yourself.

Blue Portal Artist of the Week August 19th… Judy Watkins

Judy Watkins has been a crafter and sewer for over 50 years. She was a seamstress since 9 years old. She has sold hee artwork  at Blue Portal since 2013.

Blue Portal Artist

She creates the beautiful mermaids and the American Doll dresses and purses. She even has time to teach sewing classes at Hobby Lobby on Eagle Ranch.

Blue Portal Artist of the week, June 26, Dan McDonell

Dan creates unique and detailed wooden toys that have wheels. He makes wooden trucks, tractors, play furniture for dolls, American Doll furniture, and even play kitchens. 

Dan grew up while his family worked in a Santa Fe lumber business.  Dan previously worked as a cabinet maker. This experience makes sense that Dan transitioned into making children’s toys for Blue Portal. 

Dan has been selling his safe children’s toys for four years now at Blue Portal.  He thinks that the Assistance League of Albuquerque volunteers are very helpful and nice to work with. 

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